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qendrim-ulurIt doesn’t matter how much you exercise, if you pass lot of time sitting down in a chair without moving, then you risque to have problems. This new alert comes from a study published in the physic activity and health magazine, of “Northwestern Medicine” University, who found that despite the age, the person who stays more than one hour sitting down, compared with another person, has 50% possible to be unable to walk. The survey analyses the effects of sedentary life made by 2200 people over 60 years old.

Every volunteer had some moving sensors they had to put when they were awake, at least for 4 days per week. This survey lasted 3 years. The sensors can measure up not only the easy physic activities but also the moderate ones, like shopping, walking faster, etc. In the mean time the sensors measure the periods when the volunteers do not move. The final results showed that the persons who were active were also healthier.

Besides that, the persons who pass more than 9 hours sitting down showed a decreasing physic ability. Sitting down for a long time, according to the researchers, cause muscles problems, meanwhile the fat burns less and the blood moves also less. This causes diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and other physic problems.

“This is the first time we have showed the effects a sedentary life has to the person’s health, despite of the physic exercises they do during the day. Being sedentary doesn’t mean you just don’t exercise” – says Dorothy Dunlop, a professor in “Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine”. This means that adults need to reduce the time that they pass watching TV or staying in front of a computer.

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