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Are you looking for a good dancer? You need only to move your knees and your neck and you will be ok! 

danceThe males who want to attract a women in a night club or in other dance places, need to concentrate to the head shake and the right knee movement. The researchers  used a tridimensional camera to film the males during their dancing, after they asked to the women to categorize the dancing according to the movements. They need to valuate it with points from 1 to 10.

They founded lots of signals, valuating the movements, including the neck, chest, hands and knees movement, the last one is considered as a signal of the fertility. The researcher filmed males from 18 to 35 years old using 3-d cameras while they were dancing various songs. There were 5 movements that defined one male as a good or a bad dancer.

According to the females asked for valuating them, the best dancers were the ones who could make movements with their neck or with their knees. Those kinds of movements defined a male as productive and healthier.

The research was made by Dr. Nik Niv and Cristopher Mc Carty from Northumbria University. There were 19 men who took part in this survey and they were filmed in a black background dancing different songs and then the females have to valuate using 1 to 10 for the dancers.

The dancers were converted to avatars so the females didn’t have to be attracted by the physical appearance. The males who could move the right knee quickly and beautiful, where considered the best dancers. Michael Jackson has been considered as one of the best dancers in the world.

This is the first objective test in the world which valuates the best dancers based on the movements. Now it is clear which are the movements which are valuated by the women when they see someone dancing. If everyone will learn these 5 movements than they will be good dancers, too. If you want to be a good dancer, too, do not forget, try to find the gold average between the movements of the knees, necks and hands.

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