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Ukraine declared general mobilization of all its reservists after the Russian Parliament approved the request of President Putin to deploy troops in the country. Currently, Russia has under control the whole region of Crimea, the majority of its population is by ethnic Russians, but the request of President Putin included the entire country.

Almost 15 thousand Russian troops flew toward Sevastopol in Crimea, meanwhile the army near the borders, ready for beginning the war, obliging Kiev to mobilize 1 million reservists except the regular army. Kiev asked for official help to USA and Great Britain. Washington and London have repeated for several times their support to Ukraine, but have been careful to not engage in military support.

uk1In a declaration for the press, the Ukraine President Yatsenyuk said: “Practically, to my country has been declared war. We ask to Putin to withdraw the troops and to respect the bilateral agreements. If he wants to be the President who started a war between two friendly neighboring countries, he is only a few centimeters from his target.” If Russia would pass the borders, it is believed that Ukraine could announce the mobilization of all men able to bear arms, for fighting about the country defense. Andriy Parubiy, the head of the National Security Council and Defense in Ukraine declared that the troops are already in full combat readiness. The President, Olexander Turchynov declared that if the war begins, this will be the end of every bilateral agreement with Russia.

He was certain that Ukraine is able to protect herself, while he called his nation for unity in this “hour of crisis”. The president of USA, Obama, held a 90-minute telephone conversation with Putin, in which he repeatedly asked to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to withdraw the troops from Crimea. Putin answered that Russia reserved the right to interfere in Ukraine to defend the interests of ethnic Russian and Russian speakers across the country.

ukraineTension within the Ukrainians, manifestations pro and anti-Russian!

Ukrainian army is on high alert after the Duma’s approval to send the Russian troops in Crimea. The president Olexandr Turchynov said that they will increase the security measures in major buildings, including nuclear plants. The new Prime Minister, Arsenji Jacenjuk warned that “military actions by Moscow will mark the beginning of the war ending in this way the relation between these countries.”

The tension is increasing not only in Crimea but also in other cities where Russian entities live. There were held several rallies in different Ukrainian cities by Pro-Russian. Donetsk is considered as a stronghold of ex-president Victor Janukovych, where some protesters broke away from a 7000 crowd of people and took the control of the local administration building and raise the Russian flag.

In Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, dozens of people were injured in clashes between the pro and against Russian protesters. In the southeastern city of Marupoli, hundreds of protesters gathered with Russian flags outside the municipality.

Despite the political developments, on Saturday, it is seen an increasing number of Russian military troops in Crimea. According to the latest reports, there are seen two battleships in the Crimean coast, violating the agreement for the navy presence in the peninsula.

There are 6000 military Russian troops and 30 armored vehicles actually in Crimea.  Sergey Aksionov the leader of Crimea asked for help to president Putin, to guarantee peace in the peninsula. The government of Ukraine does not accept Sergey Aksionov and his government, considering it totally illegal.

russianObama – Putin, 90 minutes on telephone!

During a phone conversation between Obama and Putin, the president of USA, said to his Russian homologue that sending troops in Ukraine, will violate the international law. He asked him to immediately withdraw Russian troops from Crimea. He said that the conflicts have to be solved in pacific ways. Putin answered that it is the right of Moscow to protect its interests and the Russian-speaker population in Ukraine. During the diplomatic attempts to resolving this situation, the American secretary of State, John Kerry, called European Foreign Ministers, the Canadian diplomats, the Foreign policy chief of European Union, Catherine Ashtonn, to coordinate the next steps.

The United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki- Moon called for the immediate return of calm and dialogue in Ukraine, the NATO chief, Fogh Rasmussen wrote in Twitter : “Urgent need to reduce tensions in Crimea”. The Security Council held an emergency meeting on Saturday and Sunday, while NATO will have a special session about the situation in Ukraine.

Some data about Russian and Ukrainian Armies

  • Number of active land forces: Ukraine 57000, Russia 397000
  • Air Force (personnel): Ukraine 41000, Russia 160000
  • Marina (staff): Ukraine 15000, Russia 133000
  • Capable of holding arms: Ukraine 11.1 million residents, Russia 69.1 million
  • Tanks: Ukraine 642, Russia 12500
  • Armored vehicles: Ukraine 2065, Russia over 16000
  • Helicopters: Ukraine 72, Russia over 840
  • Shooter: Ukraine 210, Russia over 1800
  • Bombardier: Ukraine 36, Russia 177
  • Missiles (ballistic): Ukraine 716, Russia over 5700
  • Missiles with nuclear warheads: Ukraine 0, Russia 350 standby, reserve over 10 thousand (with different radius of action)


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