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tv-shqip1TOP CHANNEL

It is one of the most viewed channels in Albania with a signal expanded in all Albanian territory. Using Digitalb platform you can watch Top Channel in Europe and North America. It is the first television in Albania that brought HD Technology in May 10, 2009. From the beginning it brought a variety of programs which made the difference in Media Market. If you want to be updated for the news, actuality and politics, you can visit its website.



It is one of the biggest private channel in Albania. It is founded in 1997 and licensed National Radio Television Council as one of the first national private channels in Albania during 2001. Klan TV can cover 80% of Albanian territory which means 90% of Albanian population. To be more informed for the programs and not only you may visit its official page.



It is a National Satellite Channel. The first broadcast was made in 1999. Initially it was just a local media but now it covers 90% of Albanian territory. If you want to know more about the programs you can visit its official site.




If we want to make a list with the most viewed channel in the country, certainly this will be one of them. With a professional team, always in time to catch out the news, it has become one of the most followed channels. With reliability, dynamism, genuineness and rapidity it offers a variety of programs being near the viewers. You can visit its website for more.



It is one of the most attractive channels in Kosovo. In Kosovo there are only 3 channels and KTV is the most viewed. It is part of “Koha Group”, the owner of whom is Flaka Surroi and the director of the Television is Leka Zherga. If you want to be informed for the programs you may visit its official site.




One of the most viewed Albanian channel television in all over the world is, also, RTK LIVE. It is the one that transmit programs not only in Albanian language but also in Serbian, Turkish and Romanian. For years and years Kosovo Radio Television has tried to inform the public without being involved in political views. You can follow it live on its website.



Albanian Radio Television is the first Albanian television. It is a public media institution which involves Radio Tirana, too. Radio Tirana is founded in 1938 and later, in 1960 Albanian Television. Since 1993 Albanian Radio Television transmits its programs in radio and television throughout the satellite. To learn more about RTSH history and to follow it live, you can Google its official site.



It is an informative television channel which transmits 24 hour per day and 7 days per week the latest news from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Region and World. With high Technology and qualified human sources it brings to you original news in every moment of the day. ABC NEWS is live from everywhere!

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