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The future has an exact date; at least for the robots development. In 2029 the robots and the human beings will look the same, and also the robots will be able to read and to reproduce the human beings emotions. It will be this year when the fake intelligence will surpass the natural one, it will be able to get experience, to joke, to tell stories, to smile. In a few words, every kind of emotions and feelings the human beings have. That’s what declares Ray Kurzweil and “17 technological minds”, according to whom they are using the technology to expand our knowledge, our physic and mental capacities and until 2029 the machines will reach the human being intelligence levels.

There are lots of projects and some of them are implemented. Let start with the first intelligent machine, it is called LS3 and it is a 4 foots robot, constructed and designed for every kind of terrain.

robot-1Pet-Man is the Boston Dynamics robot and it is able not only to “survive”, but to adapt in ambient with chemical agents without losing any of its skills.

robot-2Atlas is a humanoid robot launched recently and his aim is to participate in rescue operations. 


Roboy is launched in March 2013 in Zurich. It is able to do every basic movement of human beings.

robot-4iCub is high 1 meter and its weight is 22kg. it is created by Italian Institute of Technology and the reason it is created is to find out the relation between humans and machines.

robot-6Topio is created by a Vietnamese company called Tosy. It is designed with a Enhanced autonomy, like playing ping-pong with a human being. HRP-4C also called Miim is a Japanese masterpiece. It is high 158 cm and its weight is 43 kg. it seems like a human being and is able to do every movement, just like humans. It can sing and answer.


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