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It doesn’t happen all the time to see and touch a skull that has the sizes of a car, even more when it is a 70 million years skull. A researcher of Calgary University in Canada, Darla Zelenitsky, discovered some fossils of a pre-historic animal, a hybrid between mammoth and dinosaur.

The discovery was made in Badlands, Alberta and Zelenitsky published her discovery only on Sunday. Based on the structure, on a part of the jaw, head and beside head of the fossils we have found, it looks like a mythology beast. It is so much big and so strange so everyone who has seen it remained surprised – says Zelenitsky.

The skull has been well maintained , almost 75-80% is untouched. This makes this discovery one of the most interesting ones in the recent years. Initially we didn’t have any idea what we have just discovered, then we understood that it was a Pachyrhinosaurus.

This is not the first discovery of this type. There are found other fossils last century in Alberta, Canada and Alaska, USA.

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