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Great Britain2 Companies in Great Britain realized an experiment to prove which will be the fastest speed of data traffic registered in all over the times. According to this experiment the companies declared that they achieved 1.4 terabit per second. Based on this experiment , 1.4 terabit per second means that it is enough to transfer 44 uncompressed films in high definition.

This test was realized in a 410 km lengthwise connection. Even though it is predicted that it will need too many years until consumers will begin to feel the difference.

This record is very important for internet services companies because they are trying to prove that it can be possible to delivery more data with actual infrastructure. According to them it is unnecessary to expand the network.

The demand for high speed of internet and the use of internet ultimately are increased by 35% per year forcing the companies to search more efficient methods in data transferring. Data transferring unit is bit and it doesn’t confounded with “byte”. Byte is saving information unit.

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