Some Scientists: Claim That Have discovered The Cure Of Tumor!

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scientistsSome scientists pretend that they have discovered the cure against tumor, a magic medicine which has destroyed every kind of tumor which it has been in contact with. According to the “Science Magazine”, this medicine blocks the CD47 protein, which signalizes the glut in organism.

This protein is on our immune system and it is produced in our blood cells. The scientist from Stanford University found that the tumor cells produced an insufficient quantity of this protein, so our immune system cannot destroy the tumor cells.

Based on this data, they have created some anti-troops which blocked the tumor of CD47, stimulating the immune system to attack the dangerous cells. The scientists have experimented on cavies organs or human transplanted organs on cavies which are infected by tumor.

In every case the anti-troops destroyed the tumor cells. We have showed that even when tumor started to appear, the anti-troop could destroy the cells or could stop growing up it – says the biologist Irving Weissman from Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California. The treatment had another effect. It also affected the healthy cells, too but the effect was less than the one on tumor cells.


The gym exercises when you are on the twenties can protect your brain when you will reach the medium wage. According to the survey, the activities to keep your heart on top form, as swimming or walking can save your thinking ability and your memory in the upcoming 20 years.

The scientists declare that the survey made and published on “Neurology” magazine, is a confirmation about the necessity of exercising. It does not help only the heart but also the brain. The cardiac fitness is a good way to furnish with oxygen our body and to transport it in our entire body.

The Minnesota University of Minneapolis tested 3 thousand persons with an average age to 25 years. There were made some exercising tests to all of them which were repeated again 20 years later. The people who have been hardly exercised have had a good memory at their forties.

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