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6 Llojet E Jo BesimtareveThere are lots of manners to not believe in GOD, but how exactly? According to the Tennessee University’s professors in Chattanooga, there are discovered that atheists and Agnostics are the main anti-religion activists and up to non-believers, but these ones respect some religion traditions and its history. So, according to these two researchers, there exist 6 types of atheists. The main topic is that non-believing is a variety community. Christopher Silver, a PHD student and Thomas Coleman, have written for “Row Story”, a really known website, that these categories are the most important field of study. They also say that certainly after 30 years, we will reach 32 types of non-believers. You will find below the six types of non-believers, found after a study with 59 interviews.

“Intellectual Agnostics” Atheist.

This type of non-believers wants to collect the information so he can make an intellectual stimulation about atheism. They prefer to give arguments about these kinds of debates, most of which find place in the most popular websites in internet. We need to note that this type of atheists is very prepared, he has read a lot and they like to give examples based on the books they have read.


In this type of atheists and Agnostics we should say that they are not satisfied only with non-believing in GOD, but they also want that others know their opinion about refusing believing in God and argument that if everybody would believe in his ideology then the society would have progressed. In their arguments and their debates they always include political issues and Gay’s rights, feminism and animals abusing and care, too.

Agnostics researchers.

Here are included persons who are not sure if GOD does exist, but we must say that these persons are open mind and know all the human being knowledge and experience limits. Silver and Coleman, the two students who tried to study this type of atheists, have described this group as persons who raise questions about believing and they have never had strong ideology attitude, but this doesn’t mean that we should call them confused, they just are insecure.


In this group take part persons who note their ideology anti religion. They see the religion as ignorance and every person or institution that support or is related with religion is called backward and harmful. They have clear ideas about religion and also, they are known as honest and pious persons.


This is the smallest group of atheists and here are included persons who don’t see their self connected with religion nether with non religion and this derives from their way of missing interest. These persons don’t like to concern them self with religion and issues that derive from it. Their point of view doesn’t include the religion issues. They just take it like religion does not exist!

Sacramental atheists.

The last type of atheists include those kind of persons who do not relate them self with religion and try to believe that does not exist life after the death. They just see it useful taking some general knowledge about religion traditions. These traditions are seen more like philosophic lessons about the manners how we should live our life and how to take pleasure. An example of this type of atheists is someone who takes Yoga lessons or musical lessons.

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