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vra3USA has been under shock the last days because a teenager serial killer confessed during the investigations that she realized all these murders with her preferred knife. After she finished the murders she always marked in her knife so she could remember the number of victims. Miranda Barbour, a girl that has nothing special compared with other 19 years old, confessed that she has killed 22-100 persons.

When she has been asked about death condemnation, she said that this was a heartless and inhuman punishment. Despite of all those crimes made by the 19 years old, her Lawyer said for the press that “Justice System can make errors, so the death condemnation must not exists, because there are innocent persons who are not excluded by the errors”. As the investigation continues, is learned that the young girl has used online websites to know with her victims.

She organized meetings with males, luring them with the promise of making sex and them killing them. After all this, she got rid of the bodies in different areas near to her home, in Pennsylvania. Miranda classified herself as practitioner of Satanism, occult ritual which adores the Devil, says that she remembers certainly 22 murders, but the real number is around 100. FBI is continuing the investigation, to find out everything related about this case.

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