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human_lungsIt is the first time that scientist realized the producing of human lungs in laboratory conditions. This is a big step for the regenerative medicine but it won’t help for a long time.

“It is something extraordinary”- said Joan Nichols, a Medicine student of Texas University. “It has been a fastening of science, but now we are making progress”. If the lungs function, and we must note “IF”, those can help over 1600 people who are waiting for lungs transplant. This is one of the organs produced in the same laboratory conditions, meanwhile the liver and trachea are more advanced.

“It is expected that this laboratory produce will constitute the lack of organ’s donors” said doctor Stephen Badylak, vice director of “Mc Gowan” Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh University.

The researchers in Galveston, Texas begin everything with two children lungs, died in a car accident. Their lungs were damaged and cannot be used for transplant, but they still have some healthy tissues. In this way, they took the cells from one of the lungs and put them into a skeleton.

This structure was put in a large room filled with some fluid similar to a mixture fruits, said Nichols. This mixture offered the ingredients for cells growing up. 4 weeks later was created a human projected lung. Repeating the process, they created another lung from 2 other children, dead, too. The laboratory lungs look as the real ones the only difference is that they are a little more pink, soft and with less density.

Nichols said that it will be necessary 12 other years to be possible the use of these lungs in transplants. It will be my students that will finish the project when I will be old and retired, said Nichols. Before experimenting the lungs transplant on human being, the researchers will try it on pigs.

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