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Brisilda Gjashi, an Albanian student hopes to realize her dreams, and become an artist in the future. She is a 21 years old student with an amazing smile and lots of dreams that she wishes to become reality one day. She comes from a simple family from Tirana and studies in Beautiful Arts Academy, picture profile. For years and years her family emigrated in Italy for a better life, so their daughter is grown up between two countries, Albania and Italy, till their parents decided to come back definitively in their country, to begin a new life. She says that it is not simple beginning a new life, in a new country.

You have to find yourself and the place you belong, because according to her, a student life in Albania is difficult. If you see her, you think that she has a good, quite life, the life that one young girl who will become an artist, deserve. But she has to think a lot. It needs passion and too much work to do, if you want to be a good artist. She wakes up in the morning, goes at school, then get out with friends and in the evening helps her parents at home.

She says that picture has always been her passion and it was her choice from the beginning to study in this profile. Visual art affect her more because according to her, in phenomenon introduction there are correlated also the dilemmas oh her concepts. Her main commitment remains conceptual art, even though she appreciates photography, too. She has also a musical commitment. It was a secret till now. She is the only girl in a rock band. She says that she is part of those people who want freedom. She studies picture, listen to music and when is upset just walks or gets a bicycle and rides towards Tirana’s streets because that’s the only way she can create the space she needs. For an Albanian student the future is insecure and usually the freedom of their lives is temporarily. There are lots of students who have to work during their study time. Studying art gives you satisfaction but it also has lots of challenges, failures and demoralization which for a moment makes you think it is better to give up.

What will happen with Brisilda’s friends when she will finish the school?

“This upset me”-says Brisilda. This doesn’t happen only to me, it happens to everybody. Every student feels in this way when he thinks about what will happen when school will end. Will they find a job? Can they afford their life without waiting their parents to give them money?. She has lots of projects about her future, but the financial situation make them seems impossible. This doesn’t mean she has to retire. She writes every idea so she can realize it when it will be possible.

Artists are victims of the system which doesn’t support art in generally. She is a little bit surprised by people style of living, clothing and thinking. She sees everyday persons who are terribly upset and tired by life. You can see it just by looking them in their eyes. They feel hopeless. She thinks also that a determined factor of people pessimism is the city’s urban planning. They don’t feel the freedom. The exhilaration of the 21 years old girl is founded in her upset, annoying insecure that Albania creates. The reality is wild, but she is a courageous student, that accept she has too much work to do for her future.

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