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“Philip Seymour Hoffman left all his wealth to his mysterious partner, Mimi O’Donnell” – reports TMZ.

He has written his testament since 2004 where left some instructions for his son, Cooper. According to TMZ, the testament requires that his 10 years old son, Cooper, grows up in Manhattan, so he can coexists with this city’s culture, art and architecture.

Manhattan is the place where the family was living when Hoffman was dead. Meanwhile Hoffman was living in an apartment in Greenwich. If his request can’t be possible, then the boy may live in Chicago or in San Francisco.

If neither of this cities won’t be his son’s living place, then he must visit them twice a year. The possibility to live in Hollywood, a place which Hoffman visited a lot, was not mentioned in the testament. He had a good relationship with his son.

We have seen them lots of times watching the basketball matches together. “I want to pass my free time only with my children. If I am free, I mostly think what I’m going to do with them”- once said the actor.

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