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ukraine-parl1The Ukraine’s parliament voted Saturday afternoon for the dismissing from its duty the president Victor Yanukovych, and for the parliamentary elections on May 25. There were 328 from 387 deputies who voted for the dismissing of the president. Yanukovych declared that he is not thinking to resign and that the recent events are “coup d’etat”. He said that he was a legitimate president and he doesn’t think to  abandon Ukraine and neither the Presidency.

The current events in Kiev are just vandalism, and everything is just a “coup d’etat”, meanwhile the elections and the polls conducted on Friday in Parliament are illegitimate. – said the President in an Interview transmitted by the public television of Ukraine. Yanukovych noted that it was his duty to protect the people and that he will do anything possible to stop the disturbances. According to the TV emission, the President is near to the eastern city, Kharkiv, near with the Russian border.

Oleksandr Turchynov declared that the President wasn’t allowed by the border police to take the plane to Russia. There was achieved an agreement between Yanukovych and Opposition leaders, but the protesters continue the manifestations even on Saturday, asking the president dismiss. The Ukraine Parliament voted one day before based 2004 Constitution, to reduce the president authority.

tymofree-ukrain1Tymoshenko is free!

The Orange Revolution heroin, Yulia Tymoshenko was let free after 3 years in prison. That was one of the most dramatic events in Ukraine, but today everything is over. She is free!
Tymoshenko arrived in Independence Square in Kiev from the prison where she has been for 3 years. There were thousands of people in the square where some days ago it was converted in scene of fierce clashes between security forces and protesters.

tymofree-ukrainThe dictatorship fell! Those were the first words that Tymoshenko said. Considered as the leader who led the revolt against corruption in Ukraine 2004, Yulia Tymoshenko was sentenced in 2011 on charges of abuse of power, for a gas deal with Russia, which contravened the country’s national interests. She was sentenced to 7 years in prison, a sentence that she never accepted. Its release was voted by Parliament, which amended the Criminal Code, part of the agreement reached between Yanukovych and opposition, mediated by three foreign ministers of the EU. Tymoshenko is considered as the Ukrainian opposite talisman and her political partners hope for the return to politics.

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