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nokia-androidNokia declared that sooner is going to represent the new smart phone called “Normandy”. This smart phone will operate with Android System. We have heard since October for “Normandy” but it seems that this project was left in the middle caused to financial difficulties and the drastic decrease in the market. This difficulties forced Nokia to sell mobile sector to “Microsoft”.

Three years ago, Nokia left its operation system called “Symbian” and started to use “Windows Phone”. The problem is that “Windows” parameters need a mobile that costs a lot. By the other side, “Normandy” is a “low cost” project, started as a lifeboat for Nokia which is faced with iPhone and Samsung Competition.

This project does not fulfill the minimal conditions asked by operating with “Windows Phone”, so Nokia is thinking to collaborate with Google Android. “Normandy” is a project created before “Microsoft” bought the mobile sector, so it doesn’t have to ask permission by Bill Gates, who will totally control Nokia Mobile in a few days, before collaborating with

Android. Android is the most known system in smart phone Market. Its rival, Apple, with iOS system didn’t exclude the possibility to create a device using this system.

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