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Putin - Obama There were since 20 years ago, the last times when USA and Russia have been against each other. The relation between the two superpowers of the world took another direction when finished the referendum in Crimea. The result of which was that Crimea has to be given to Russia because it belongs to it.

To understand the level of the irritation that exists between the two countries, it is necessary to watch the Russian channels. In the central informative  emission  at a Russian channel, the speaker background was Crimea leaving from Ukraine. The president of Russia, Putin said for the TV that Crimea has always been part of Russia and it will always be like this. Said this, Putin said that he recognize the Crimea independence and that Russia will always support it.

This comment can be interpreted in various ways. The view is that of a nuclear bomb which may explode in any moment. Russia is the only country in the world which has the power to convert USA in radioactive flour… and he was not kidding about this. On the other side, Barack Obama declares that he will travel in Europe while his administration number two, Joe Bayden will visit Poland and Lithuania.

Our message is clear, declares Obama, as NATO allies, we are ready to protect Ukraine so we will let the peace in world as it is. It has been necessary to change their opinion about this conflict, going from diplomatic declarations to confrontation.

This happened after the continuous appeals from the West, to retire the army’s forces from Crimea. USA, in difference from EU picked up some of the leaders and persons who help Russia in this process, as Vladislav Surkov, the authority architect of Russian government and made a list with their names.

Those persons will be in USA surveillance. The second place in this list is the one of Sergei Glazyev, the right arm of the Kremlin chief in Ukraine. Surkov answered to this list with the words : “ I am happy with this. I don’t have any account outside of my country”.

The question we have about all this conflict is “ How much will this elongate? Will there be another sanctions raund? What is Putin going to do with its army forces and what is more important, how will the West react?

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