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If you are not a couple, then you are not obliged to give explanations! But if you are in introducing with someone, and something tells you to not trust to him, then it will be good for you to listen your inner voice…   In fact, there exist some signals that may help you understand if he is not being loyal to you. In these cases “it is better to prevent than to cure!”

His opinion to infidelity.

During the debates about infidelity, he does not give his opinion or he is indifferent while speaking about his friend’s infidelities, or it sounds like he thinks it is ridiculous, but when you ask him about this issue, he tries to change the theme of discussion or turn it into jokes. This means that practically you have never seen or heard him refusing infidelity.

He is too much passionate.

If he told you the first day you meet him, you are made for each other, ore he seems really affected about you, and this seems strange… even though you like this. Think about it. What happens if he does the same thing with everyone? This has two meanings: he doesn’t valuate this details or he can easily fall in love.

He has been disloyal before.

If you know by chance a love story that relates to infidelity, he will probably not have respect for you, too! If he doesn’t like to speak about his past, and does not show much for himself, this must be an indicator for not trusting him.

He is a liar.

If he has unbelievable skills to lie, you have seen him lie his boss, his friends, or even you. Maybe these are small, white lies, but anyway it is strange his way of telling these lies. You can even trust his lies and are not able to understand the reality.

He is jealous.

Who has been disloyal has understood how easy it can be, believing that anyone is doing this. If you are getting out with a person who from the beginning doubts about everything you do, or says things like “of course you have been with someone else before” even though he will say this with a joke tone, or he criticizes your way of clothing or your behavior with other persons, be careful! He does this, because he knows the meaning …

He is selfish.

You have to do everything as he wants to. He wants always to be higher than you. Selfish persons can easily justify infidelity Inherent infidelity.  You born disloyal or you become so? According to the statistics, 80% of infidel persons come from a family where their father or mother, or both, have had an affair. Despite the fact he doesn’t approve his parents action, it can be more normal for these persons, an affair, compared with someone who never lived a similar story.

He is a promiscuous person.

According to the surveys, the persons who have been sexually active before seriously being with someone, have difficulties to keep a monogamy relationship. But if behind this “promiscuous person” is hidden a “girlfriend collector” behavior, which reflects his esteem, he will never change! Be careful!

He don’t let you “in” his life.

It is normal not to know everything about him when you have been together not for so long, but if you are together for a while and you don’t know no one from his family or friends, he will probably have another relationship, with a person who knows them, or maybe he is not ready having you in his life. Anyway this is not the best base to create a sentimental relation.


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