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Female-signsWe all use our body to give different messages and transmit various  information . To understand these messages and to avoid making fake steps, you have to discover the common female signs and not only, the secret gestures, too.

Her fingers on her jeans pockets.

She is seeing you in a strange manner as it is the first time of seeing you, or maybe it is true that it’s the first time. Meantime she puts her fingers on her jeans pockets…


The doubt is justified. She is horribly sexual or extremely nervous. Relax, fingers are symbol of desire. The fact that she puts her fingers on her pocket means that you are in the right way and she is ready for this. What are you waiting for?!

Arms stretching.

Just finished the desert, she stretch her arms, exposing her chest. Is she so tired?


It is not a sign of being bored. It is just a shame form of showing. Of course it is not a sexual initiative, but it shows that it does exists a sexual attraction against you. Staying in this position is like a symbolic “offer” of her body.

Keeping her head on her arm.

It is going everything okay till now. She has accepted a last glass of wine and you are ready to offer a crazy night. You are the only who know the secret. Meanwhile she is on your couch with her head on her arm.


Stop! This type of behavior is the one of a woman who is not concerned about sharing her sexual “territory”. She is ready to listen your secrets, but that’s all…

Sandwich hands.

It is spring and you are on a picnic. You are both lied on a red squared counterpane. She keeps moving her foots, putting her hands between the legs… even though it is not cold!


Take your time: sandwich hands between her legs is an action that becomes from the childhood. It doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you. You have to understand it!

Crossbones chest down arms.

You are just ready and what does she do? Cross her arms below the chest…


Move! It is true she has her arms crossed, but not as much as you need to be protected or to valuate her chest. Be careful if you don’t know her. This position of keeping the arms always means something!

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