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screen_websiteThere are lots of manners you can use to create an internet page and it depends from your IT knowledge what to choose. The sample method to do it, without having knowledge on HTML, PHP, ASP, etc. is to create a web log (blogger).

What is this?

A blogger (that is the concentration of “WEB and LOG”) is an internet page managed from a person who publics different information as text, photos and videos. Generally the information shared on it is in chronological ordering. Blogger is one of the most extended forms of internet pages in our days and the reason that explain this is that it is an easy way to use and share.

bloggerHow can I create a blogger for free?

It depends by the type of the blogger. If you want a blogger which will be personal, you will have it for free. If you want somebody to host it, you will need to pay a monthly fee. If you want it for free, there are a lot of companies that will give you a free domain.

For the persons who didn’t know: Domain is the name of your page. It is the name, people will search you with, as for example or . “Yahoo” is a domain, and this domain has a monthly fee, for being yours. So if you want to buy a domain as you need to pay $7-13 a year. You can buy a domain in ,,,, Personally, I prefer because they offer coupons with which you can buy a domain only for $7.15/month.

Host means the place where your page is uploaded. Host is a server or a computer which stays 24 hours available. In this way everybody can search your page and can use it in every moment of day and night. The best hosts are,,,,
The companies that can give you a free domain are:,, . You can create your page only by creating an account in these powerful pages. The easiest are blogger and worldpress. In these platforms you don’t need to pay. The only thing that can be difficult is remembering it. You can also buy the domain and adapt it. But in this case you have to pay $17/year.

wordpressHow can I create a blogger by paying for it?

If you don’t mind paying some dollars per month, than you can buy a host and a domain and you can upload it. The most used platforms are :,,,,,,

These are the best and the easiest. All you will need is speaking English. There are a lot of advantages you can have by using real domain and hosts, as: you can easy remember the name of your blog; you can moderate your visual image; you can add various services. These were some of the advices and information I could give to you, to create an internet page. I wish you good luck!

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