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scientistScientists have made some efforts in health category. They can replace maternal cellule with derma’s cells. They experiment all this process on laboratory rats and now are ready to try it on humans.

Derma’s cells of human being are able to develop embryos after washing them for 30 minutes in citric acid. Initially the experiment is made on rats where blood cells were converted on source cells. The same technique was applied on human derma’s cells. This study assumes that these cells can be used on incurable disease treatments as Heart Disease. That means that with these techniques can be able to regenerate the source cells of the patient.

Even though there is no a purpose to create human embryo using derma’s cells, scientists affirm that theoretically it will be possible because every rat embryo is created by regenerated blood cells of laboratory rats. But it may happen that these survey results may be misused, for example in children clone.

But they assure that it cannot be possible because there are lots of ethic, legal and technical obstacles. The experiment was made by a Japanese and American group of scientists who converted human derma’s cells into source cells using the same method scientists have used before to convert laboratory rats cells into source cells. The result was the same for human beings as it was for rats. It was the scientific who stimulate this experiment ten years ago, the one who said that now it is possible to create embryos by using derma’s cells.

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