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If you intend to open a new business but you miss funds ask your friend to support you. if your idea doesn’t look good he will still remain your friend.


Recently your behavior is different against a person, compared with other times. You have to accept a wild reaction from his part and someone else will search some explanations.


If you really want to achieve the success you have to practice something it has been in your plans.


You will be divided in 2 parts, heart and logic. Despite you will hurt someone you will be able to reach your goals.


You like to be funny, tranquil and to pass nice moments in nice persons company. Your private affairs will be considerably late.


You won’t be as dynamic as always. Despite of these you will have good relations with persons around you.


Despite the fact that you aren’t interested in a workable conversation you should be gentile and do not ignore people who support you.


Despite the fact you have an important role do not think you should be always an pression for others.


There will be a lot of progress according to the special person you think is in your side. Do not take any of his words seriously.


If you wait things to just happen you won’t achieve anything. Try to not thing about your problems.


Today you have decided to do an important conversation with your friend who has been away and distanced from you. do you want to know what made the difference between your relation?

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