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facebookAfter a long debate and discussing about the modification of the users gender, Facebook decided to allow gay-s and transsexuals to change their gender if they want so. Gender till now has had only two options, female or male. Now it will include bisexual , transsexual , hermaphrodite and transvestites, permitting people to express their authenticity. Users can also chose if they want to refer to them with “he”, “she” or “they”. These new options will be firstly able only for the

English version of Facebook users. These changes were formulated after consulting with 5 leader organizations of protecting gays rights.
There are lots of people that will not be affected by these changes, but for others, a few of them, it has a great importance.

“For the first time, I have the possibility to log in into an account and to specify my gender, meanwhile, I can do this not for everybody. I can chose it.”- says for “Associated Press” Brielle Harrison, Facebook engineer.

This movement reflects the importance of gays movements in USA, who search for their community rights. Legal Center of Transsexuals, based in San Francisco, welcomed these changes, considering it a great news. According to a report of Williams Institute, in 2011, 3% of adults in USA are transsexuals.

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