Depressed man jumps into tiger cell

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kineThe caretakers of a zoo in China, saved a mentally ill who entered in tigers cell so he could offer himself as tiger food. The 27 years old man, Yang Jin Hai has been posting for a while in social network some dissatisfaction posts about his work and his entire life. Before undertaking this action he wrote in his social account that he was feeling extremely bad about the conditions that tigers in zoo live.

To improve their life, Yang decides to sacrifice himself. Said this, some days later, he decides to enter in the  tigers cells. Fortunately, nothing happened because even the tigers were surprised. His family said that he suffered from depression and actually he is taking specialized assistance.


An American pastor, famous for saving and watching over the snakes, was found dead. Jamie Coots, the American pastor was bitten from a rattlesnake in “Jesus Name” church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, were he has lived. Middlesboro’s Police Department said that Coots refused the medical help after he was bitten.

Last year the pastor declared that he was watching over the snakes based on religion issues, citing a bible psalm, where it is said: “You should take the snakes and nothing will happen; if you put your hands on sick person, they will recover”. Police said that when the ambulance arrived in Coots church, his staff said that he is back at home. The ambulance went at his home but even there was refused.

Some hours later, Jamie’s familiars called the emergency, but it was late. When the ambulance arrived at their home, the pastor was dead. His son, Cody said that it wasn’t the first time that his father has been bitten but nothing happened. Last year, Jamie Coots has been arrested transporting 5 snakes in Knoxville, Tennessee. The snakes were confiscated while Jamie was convicted for illegal possession of wild animals.

In 1995, Melinda Brown, a 28 years old woman was found dead because she has been bitten in the same way as the pastor did. Coots were part of an extreme catholic sect which dates from the Nineteenth Century.  This sect‘s members drink the snake’s poison or do other dangerous rituals for their lives.

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