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zuckerberg-whatsappMark Zuckerberg offered $19 billion to Jan Koum to buy the most used messages application “Whatsapp”. It was a tempting offer for Koum, so he decides after months and months of talks to sell his application. This happened in February 14, exactly on Saint Valentine Day, while Mark Zuckerberg was celebrating with his wife, Priscilla. Koum called Mark and told him that he accept his offer. In this way, “Whats app” become part of other social networks as Facebook.

The value set a record in its type of trade action. To find a similar value, but smaller we need to go back in time. In August, 2011 it was bought from Google for $12.5 billion, the mobile devices producer, Motorola. As years passed it resulted that this moving was a bluff, so Google decided to sell it to Lenovo, only for $ 3 billion. In may 2011, it was Microsoft that emptied its pockets by buying Skype. It was agreed that Skype costs $8.5 billion, mean while it was interested even Facebook for buying it by offering a lower amount. Last November, it was again Microsoft, Bill Gate’s Company who aims the smartphone market, by going after Nokia, which was suffering by Apple and Samsung competitiveness. The according was achieved for $5.44 billion.

In January, Google bought the domestic manufacturer of intelligent accessories. “Nest Labs” changed ownership for $3.2 billion. This movement shows that Google is becoming more and more interested for intelligent phones epoch. “Mountain View” putted its hand on the pocket and bought “Double Click”, the active company in digital publicity sector, for $3.1 billion. This movement resulted successful.

Today Google dominates the sector, owning 32.8%, followed by Facebook with 5.4%. Back at time, in 1998, AOL bought “NetScape” for $4.2 billion. Time proved that this move wasn’t a clever one. 10 years later it failed and from its pieces born Firefox. Another big mistake, Yahoo bought “GeoCities” in 1999. 10 years later it stopped existing. Yahoo bought also, for $2 billion the social network “Tumblr”. Created in February 14, 2005 as a network where you could listen, upload and download videos, Youtube was successful. One year later it was ranked as 10 most successful products in USA. That was enough for Google and it owned for $1.65 billion. With the same amount, e-Bay bought the online payment service, PayPal. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1.5 billion.

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