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Untitled-1Mirdit is from Austria and for this he is proud. He is Dhimiter Kosta’s and AUSTRIAN Ermi Pirsh’ s so. His father, Dhimitri, has born in Romania in a family from Pogradec then he was located in Austria to continue his studies as construction engineer where first met his love.

Mirditi tells us how their parents met in Austria, got engaged, got married and there born Mirdit, too, who was three years old when he first met Albania. In 1946 his parents took the worst decision ever. They decided to accept the invitation to come back in Albania and construct it, denying the invitation to go in Canada. Mirdit says that his father choose Albania because it was near to Austria.

For this family the journey toward Albania wasn’t easy. They were kept for 3 months in Serbia because Dhimitri has Romanian nationality. When they came back to Albania, they were not well received as it was predicted. Dhimitri never explained to his son what really happened in the border state. Before he was dead he gave his son the Romanian passport which was bits and pieces.

The most difficult situation was for Miss Pirsh who will face up an unpleasant horrible situation. They will live in a tent in Ura Vajgurore, because of Dhimitri’s job. Miss Pirsh had to take permission from Inside Affairs Ministry to meet her fellows in Tirane. Being away from her country, in a dictatorial regime, she paid for the moment she wanted to escape. She said she was arrested and for 2 days was kept in prison in Durres.

After experiencing this, she felt hopeless and witnessed trauma which will make things worse. But nevertheless all the problems Miss Pirsh didn’t give up from her nationality because she wanted to meet her mother. Even though she was experiencing these difficulties she never told her mother how the things were. That was her choice so she had to face up all the problems.

Mirdit visited Austria in 2002 just to put in place her mother’s wish even though he would have liked her mother to be there. Austria gave a special contribution on Albania Independence and also, there are lots of Albanian men married with Austrian women. Ardian Klosi began a project writing a book named “Red Umbrellas”, supported by Austrian Embassy.

Its topic is about descendants of Austrian women in Albania during Second World War. There are lots of documentaries written for the life of Austrians in Albania. Generally their inheritor fate was tragic. Despite the fact they came as emigrants they loved this country. A history will not be forgotten only if you remember the past.

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